Educational Resource for A-Level Students Created by the Digital Panopticon’s Emma Watkins

The First Fleet entering Port Jackson (26 January 1788, Wikimedia Commons).

Digital Panopticon PhD student Emma Watkins (University of Liverpool) has created an educational resource on transportation for A-Level students.  Throughout 2017, Emma developed this resource by running schools workshops in the north-west of the UK.

The first part of the resource, a set of educational videos on convict transportation, are already available on the Digital Panopticon website.  The second part of the resource, a workshop on convict transportation and how students can use the Digital Panopticon website in the A-level classroom, is now available from Emma’s website:

This resource would be suitable for exploring the EdExcel A-Level paper, ‘Britain: Losing and Gaining an Empire, 1763-1914’ – specifically in relation to the section, ‘The Birth of British Australia, 1788-1829’.

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