We will be holding a number of workshops between 2014-17, mainly focusing on our research themes. This is a provisional, outline schedule only; dates and fuller details will be announced nearer the time, at this site and on the project forum.


#1: 14 April, Oxford: Research Theme: Data Visualisation

#2:  4 November, Sheffield: Research Theme: Epistemologies: Record Linkage


#3:  20 October, U. Sussex: Research Theme: Voices of Authority/3D Modelling


#4:  Research Theme: Penal Outcomes

#5:  Research Themes: Intergenerational Inequalities and Biometrics


#6: User testing for the website

Project Conferences

There will be two conferences in the second half of the project, one in Tasmania and one in the UK.

Digital Panopticon: Penal History in a Digital Age

Hobart, Tasmania, 22-24 June 2016

End of project conference

Liverpool UK, 13-15 September 2017

External Events

During the life the project, members of the project team will be attending various conferences and other events to present and discuss work in progress.