Kim Price

Kim Price has been a Wellcome Trust Research Fellow and winner of several research grants. His academic research career began with an AHRC award for his PhD, which examined the relations between state, doctor and patient (pauper) within the framework of the English poor laws, using that as a prism to explore power and medicine in the nineteenth century. His research has continued to focus on overlapping historical themes in poverty, welfare and health, with particular research strengths in public health, access to healthcare, rights, legal medicine and the relationship between medical practitioner and patient. The social and cultural implications of medical practice are therefore at the heart of his research, leading to two fully-funded research projects studying nineteenth-century medical negligence, and the publication of a monograph, Medical Negligence in Victorian Britain: the Crisis of Care under the English Poor Law, c. 1834-1900 (Bloomsbury, 2015). He was a research fellow with Northumbria University, working for a jointly-held ESRC-funded project (with the University of Oxford), which is using genealogical and prosopographical methods to study the history of the professions and their families throughout the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. He was appointed as PDRA for the Digital Panoption in March 2017.